Mike “CUDDLESTAR” Fine,  is an American award winning sex negative filmmaker, actor, author, educator, lecturer, activist, and leading authority on the art of cuddling, having successfully spooned over 10,000 women. The “CUDDLE STAR”  has appeared in over a 100 print and online publications, including the New York Post, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, AOL News, US Magazine, Gothamist, Gawker, etc. Mike has wrote, directed, produced and starred in over 25 cuddle films, including his groundbreaking masterpiece “CUDDLE STAR”, (often referred to as the industry’s first “sexless sex-tape”) based upon his real life abstinence exploits, turning him into a household name overnight.  Mike is in currently in pre-production of the highly anticipated “CUDDL-INGUS” slated to be out in Spring of 2017.

In an industry inundated and saturated with feminist bias content, with a superfluous emphasis on the female orgasm, Mike set out and launched Roasted Daily Productions, Inc. which produces masculist laced cinematic content for like minded individuals. Seeking to move beyond the old clichés, boundaries, and positivity of standard mainstream erotica, “CUDDLESTAR” alternatively offers up something fresh, inclusive and intelligent, while also stimulating body and mind. As a sex negative, masculist filmmaker, paired with affirmations of “abstinence sells”, Roasted Daily’s films explore and highlights the Asexual pleasures experienced in committed and non-committed relationships, as well as tackle the unrealistic displays of sexuality in the current industry. Mike’s vision for “CUDDLESTAR” was not only to be a vehicle to help empower men, but also serve as a means to express one’s self  without the need for penetration.  

Standing out as industry leaders, RDP cemented their place in the industry as the largest purveyor of full feature length cuddle cinematic films, often referred to as “sexless sex tapes”, by setting new boundaries and willing to go places on screen (and off) where those before them, would not.  

In its explicit display of cuddle culture,
CUDDLE STAR stirred up a national debate on obscenity. Feminist activist, religious leaders, and conservative groups, threatened to protest and boycott the film. There was also a great divide amongst the adult entertainment community calling for a boycott and excommunicating FINE, out of fear that the success of “cuddle” films threatens their livelihood as well as existence.

With the help of a Divine Intervention, the CUDDLESTAR recently became an ordained minister. With the founding of his Guiding Light Ministry, Rev. Mike dedicates his free time catering to the specific spiritual and physical needs of fans and the infinite people that regularly seek out his guidance. The  “REV” or “CUDDLESTAR” is also available for officiating weddings and funerals.

Mike has taught hundreds of classes and relationship workshops around the world. Touching on subjects such as How To Avoid Getting Trapped in Long Term Relationships to Correct Way to Preventing the Female Orgasm; at conferences, community events, JCC’s, and retail stores throughout the country. He has offered to give lectures and presentations at top Colleges and Universities all over North America (including Harvard, Yale, Barnard, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Wesleyan, Brandeis, NYU, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice), on subjects ranging from suppressing feelings of sexual entitlement, to the challenging hurdles societies has subconsciously put in place, preventing our youth from being able to pursue and maintain short and meaningful relationships while in academia.

Combining MMA and the art of cuddling, CUDDLE COMBAT is a series of lethal self defense techniques for close contact situations, developed and perfected by O Sensei Mike Fine, who has 10 plus years of Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Capoeira, and Cuddling experience.

  CUDDLE COMBAT classes are designed to train you how to turn your body into a deadly weapon, should the      situation call for it. CUDDLE COMBAT focuses not on punching or kicking, but rather on using an adversaries own energy to gain control of them. This newly developed art form, puts great  emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement. By conditioning body and mind, CUDDLE COMBAT not only teaches highly effective cuddle combo grappling, hip throws, leg sweeps, takedowns, joint locks,etc.,  but will also help boost your energy and confidence, while instilling the discipline needed to combat any assailant.

If you work in Law Enforcement, live in apartment building, or are someone that values their life or that of a loved one, this class is definitely for you.

*Special discount for Law Enforcement and active military.