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After learning of Oscar-winning Hollywood star Michael Douglas’ admission of contracting HPV through a sex act, which then developed into cancer, New York City native Mike Fine made a life changing decision and set out to find an alternative means of being able to satisfy and stimulate women in his personal life, without having to put his health or career at risk.

“CUDDLESTAR” is a feature length film exploring the art and infinite pleasures derived from extended periods of cuddling.  Attempting to do what has never been done, bringing a form of abstinence and self-imposed safety measures to the adult video industry by releasing 70+ minutes of steamy, uncut and unedited cuddling action, Fine effectively displays his unbeatable cuddling skills in the hopes of educating and making people aware of the seriousness of HPV, in a respectable way.

The movie starring MIKE FINE and  SarahAnne Ward, has a story-line consisting of SarahAnn who plays the part of an buxom overzealous woman, poised and pence filled with an  unbridled enthusiasm and FINE playing himself. In hopes of  having her unquenchable cravings met by Mike’s manhood, SarahAnn attempts to lure him into a web of deceit, only to uncover a deep and mysterious truth about the “CUDDLESTAR” that may put the country’s national security at risk.


In its explicit display of cuddle culture, CUDDLE STAR” stirred up a national debate on obscenity. Feminist activist, religious leaders, and conservative groups, threatened to protest and boycott the film. There was also a great divide among the adult entertainment community calling for a boycott and excommunicating FINE, out of fear that the success of “cuddle” films threatens their livelihood as well as existence.